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What is Anavar?

Anavar is the name of active substance Oxandrolone, which belongs to a group of anabolic steroids. It has 2 isomers, which are most popular: enanthate and cypionate versions. It was created with the aim to reduce risk of estrogenic side effects, reduce risk of liver damage and to increase strength.

Oxandrolone was developed in 1964 by the drug company “G. D Searle & Company”. It was never patented officially, because it didn’t bring enough profit. But the creator of oxandrolone, Dr John Ziegler used his right for self-promotion and did everything he could to introduce this steroid into the powerlifting scene.

In bodybuilding, Anavar is often used in cutting periods, when athletes try to reduce fat while retaining lean muscle mass. It helps them maintain a great shape without losing too much of their hard-earned muscles. In fact, it’s one of the most popular steroids with bodybuilders, because it shows great results without causing too much water retention or any subcutaneous fat deposits.

Mechanism of Action

Anavar is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Although it’s an oral compound, oxandrolone is considered a Class I steroid. It means that it doesn’t aromatize into estrogen and therefore inhibits the risk of getting gynecomastia or gaining too much water weight.

It also reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, increases insulin sensitivity and stimulates the production of erythropoietin on the kidneys. That’s why it’s very helpful to athletes who participate in endurance sports like cycling or marathon running.

Anavar is a perfect choice for bodybuilders who are still in their off-season. It gives them amazing strength gains and helps them retain lean muscles. It’s also a very popular steroid among powerlifters and weightlifters.

Why is it so popular?

Anavar is very popular among athletes because of its low water retention, but still great results in strength and muscle gains. It’s considered to be one of the safest anabolic steroids available on the market today. But don’t be fooled by its “safe” label – it’s still a powerful steroid so not suitable for beginners or rookies.

In bodybuilding, it is popular because of its mild effects on the liver and moderate side effects. It’s hard to name any other steroid that doesn’t cause severe damage to the liver. In fact, most steroids affect your liver in some way, but “mild” Anavar is still the exception here.

Anavar doesn’t convert too much testosterone into estrogen, therefor it’s not so popular for distorting your hormonal cycle. Hence, less chance on developing man boobs and you don’t need anti-estrogens. This steroid does a great job in preserving lean muscle mass when dieting, but not the best choice for bulking since it does nothing to increase your appetite and can’t replace testosterone.

What kind of results can you expect?

You should remember that everyone’s body reacts differently to steroids, but these are the most common effects:

  1. Increases muscle mass and strength – if you want to gain lean muscle faster, this is the steroid for you. It’s a great choice for beginners because it works well for both genders and doesn’t require high doses.
  2. Fat loss – Anavar has a low rate of aromatization so water retention should be minimal or non-existent. It is not a common choice for cutting since it doesn’t increase your appetite and it can’t replace testosterone, but if you combine Anavar with other steroids like Halotestin or Winstrol – you’ll get better results.
  3. Mild side effects – unlike most common steroids like Dianabol, Anavar is easier on the liver. You can take it for longer periods, up to 12 weeks, because the odds of getting liver damage are low.
  4. Gains without side effects – if you have ever used Anavar, you probably noticed how great it is not only for gaining muscles but also avoiding side effects like acne or oily skin. However, keep in mind that it will do nothing for your bad cholesterol levels and blood pressure which is important to follow a strict diet while using this steroid.
  5. Less subcutaneous fat– Anavar can’t replace testosterone or increase your appetite, but it does a great job in preserving lean muscle mass while dieting. It’s a less common choice for bulking since it doesn’t increase your weight, but perfect for cutting phases.

Who should avoid Anavar?

Although this steroid is relatively mild on the liver and not toxic to kidneys, it’s not recommended for people with high blood pressure or cholesterol. If you have a history of high-blood pressure – don’t take Anavar since this steroid can increase your risk to develop cardiovascular diseases.

It’s also not recommended for teens under 21 because their body hasn’t yet fully developed, and it might cause health problems in the future.

Main Benefits of Anavar

As you probably know, not every steroid is suitable for bulking. That’s why more and more athletes are looking into cutting steroids that will help them preserve lean muscles while dieting. Anavar is one of the best choices for this purpose. It gives you great strength gains but does nothing to water retention so it can’t be used for bulking.

Anavar is perfect for pre-contest because it reduces your subcutaneous water retention, increases red blood cell production, preserves lean muscles and prevents muscle loss while dieting. It’s not one of the best choices for bulking so if you want to gain weight fast, this steroid is not for you.


  • Great for burning fat and retaining lean muscle.
  • Increases strength.
  • Enhances vascularity, endurance, and motivation during workouts.
  • Great choice for those who want to bulk up without water retention (it’s mostly recommended for cutting).
  • Increases nitrogen retention, protein synthesis, and red blood cell production.

Some athletes even claim that Anavar has anticatabolic properties, so it increases the rate at which your muscles recover after workouts. It’s also safer on the liver compared to other steroids. 

What’s the dosage of Anavar?

It’s recommended to start with a low dose and then increasing it if necessary. You should never take more than 80mg in 24 hours, but it doesn’t mean that taking 40-60mg will just do nothing for you. This steroid is mild on the liver, but you should always follow a dosage limit.

Potential Side Effects of Anavar

As with all steroids, you must be careful with the dosage. If you don’t follow it, Anavar can cause different side effects so please read this part carefully before starting your cycle.

  • Acne breakouts – if your skin is already oily it will influence acne formation but not directly because of this steroid. However, it can cause skin problems if you have poor hygiene.
  • Gum issues – do you know what happens when people take steroids for too long? Their body starts producing more cholesterol that leads to gum problems which are not only painful but also dangerous because they can lead to heart diseases.
  • High blood pressure – this is one of the most common side effects and you should pay attention to it.
  • Gyno – we’ve already mentioned that Anavar has no estrogenic qualities but if you take too much of this steroid, it can lead to benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). In other words, your prostate will start enlarging causing terrible pain during urination.

Cycle and Stacking Options

The best way to take this steroid is orally. However, it’s usually combined with other steroids because you can’t get the same benefits when taking it by itself. Some athletes take 100-140mg per day which is enough for a cutting cycle but not perfect for bulking. You should always stay within the dosage limit, so do not try to gain too much muscle during this period.

It’s recommended to stack Anavar with Dianabol if you want to build up your muscles, but it will also help you burn fat faster. Some bodybuilders use Deca Durabolin with it, but the latter is perfect for bulking so take this steroid at the end of your cycle if you decide to stack.

Although we would recommend this steroid for athletes with less than 10lbs to gain, it doesn’t mean that you can’t take more than 160mg per day. However, it’s not recommended because the side effects will be stronger, and your liver will always be under pressure.

Cycle Support Supplements

If you’re going to take Anavar, we recommend taking a cycle support supplement that will block estrogen and control cortisol. These supplements include:

*Arimidex – it helps to balance estrogen levels in men namely by blocking aromatase, the enzyme responsible for estrogen production. Taking this supplement is also beneficial if your goal is just maintaining lean muscle mass without gaining weight.

*Nolvadex – it blocks estrogen receptors, but at the same time it doesn’t affect testosterone production so you can take it to block estrogen and for retaining muscles.

*Clomid – this supplement controls cortisol levels by blocking the release of luteinizing hormone which is responsible for stimulating testosterone production. If your goal is muscle growth, this supplement will help you get the most out of your cycle, but if you’re just looking to maintain lean muscles – it’s not necessary because Arimidex does the same thing.

Anavar Review: User experiences about this product

  1. Jonathan Gally (June 5, 2021): I’m a power lifter and I’ve been using this steroid for a couple of months now. In fact, it’s the only thing that matches my training routine because I can eat whatever I want and still stay lean. I’ve gained 15lbs in just two months, but I feel much better than when I was taking other products.
  2. Laura Wiseman (July 30, 2021): I didn’t have any idea about this steroid until my doctor offered me to try it. He told me that it’s perfect for women because it doesn’t cause virilization and even water retention. After 10 days of taking Anavar, I’ve lost 5lbs without any effort which is something that I’ve never experienced.
  3. Lucy Foster (January 30, 2021): It’s hard to believe, but Anavar is perfect for women who need to lose weight because it doesn’t cause water retention. Every other product makes you look like a balloon, but this one has made me lose 8lbs in the first week without any problems.
  4. Jason Milly (August 9, 2021): I ordered Anavar online after I’ve seen several people losing weight with it. It’s not that expensive, but the quality is great, so you have to pay for what you get. One tablet per day was enough for me to lose 5lbs in the first week while staying lean.
  5. Lauren Marks (October 21, 2021): This product is popular among bodybuilders, but it’s also perfect for women who struggle with weight loss or anorexia. I’ve taken one tablet per day for the last 4 weeks and not only has it improved my cardio routine, but I’ve also lost 10lbs which was something that I couldn’t do before.
  6. Dustin Perez (October 28, 2021): I’ve been taking Anavar for 7 months now and I’m happy with the results. However, I was surprised to see that it’s not producing any side effects after a while. My muscles are growing slowly, but it’s enough to keep me motivated during workouts because I can lift heavier every week.
  7. King Ramos (October 19, 2021): I’ve been taking Anavar for 3 months now, but I didn’t have any results. In fact, my weight hasn’t changed at all while I was struggling with insomnia and acne that got worse every day. I stopped taking it a week later and the symptoms disappeared immediately which is not something that you can expect from this product.
  8. Joey Smith (October 5, 2021): This product is great choice when you want to lose weight fast. At the same time, it doesn’t cause any side effects even if you take it for several months in a row. I’ve lost 15lbs in just two weeks while improving my strength and energy levels at the same time.
  9. Justine Wood (October 27, 2021): As an athlete, I’m always looking for supplements that will improve my performance. I’ve used Anavar on and off for the last 6 months, but I noticed that it’s not giving me any results in terms of building muscles or losing weight. My strength levels are pretty low even though taking one tablet per day was enough to reduce my anxiety levels significantly.
  10. Jenna Garcia (August 21, 2021): This supplement has helped me a lot with my weight loss routine because it doesn’t cause water retention like other supplements. I’ve lost 7lbs in 2 weeks without any problems, but I also made some changes to my diet and training routine which is the main reason for such great results.

FAQ’s: Frequently asked questions about Anavar

Is it safe to take Anavar?

Anavar is considered to be one of the safest anabolic steroids both for men and women. You can take it in higher doses, but it will still not produce any significant side effects even if you’re taking it for several years.

How long does Anavar stay in your system?

Anavar stays in your system for about 2-3 weeks. Nevertheless, this depends on the dose you’re taking as well as on several other factors. In some cases, it may last up to 4 weeks after the last use.

Is Anavar best for cutting cycle?

Anavar is great for cutting cycle and it’s usually used by women who want to lose weight fast. It doesn’t cause any water retention which some other steroids do and prevents fat storage in your body. This also means that you will get leaner without dieting or doing additional exercises. 

Where to buy Anavar?

Anavar can be bought online in most cases. However, you have to make sure that the supplement is real, and it contains 100% natural ingredients which don’t cause any side effects. You can also purchase this supplement from your local pharmacy, but there are chances that it will not produce results for you because there is no control over the quality of such products.

Start your Anavar cycle to get amazing results!

Anavar has one main purpose – to produce leaner muscles without any significant side effects. It’s perfect for women who want to lose weight fast, but it can also be used by men who are looking for toned and ripped muscles. Just make sure that you’re buying real Anavar from a reliable supplier. Follow the guidelines provided by your trainer and start taking Anavar as soon as possible to get the best results.

What are your goals? Do you know other steroid alternatives for cutting? Please let us now in the comment section below.