For many years, bodybuilders have been stacking steroids together for even better results or to simply maximize the effects of steroids while avoiding the potential side effects of some of them. Beginners usually have hard times identifying which steroids should be used together and which ones not to. This article is meant to help anyone identify the best possible stack for their purposes, be it bulking up or cutting down. The included steroids are known for their effectiveness and safety when used together. These stacks were put together in order to make bulk up in a risk-free way while achieving huge results in minimal time even for beginners in this field.

What is steroid stack?What is a steroid stack?

A steroid stack is a group of two or more steroids that are combined to maximize their effects. This is usually done by combining drugs with different properties in order to create a synergistic effect. For example, bulking stacks often include Testosterone, Dianabol, and Sustanon 250, three drugs that have totally different modes of action but are known to produce excellent results when combined together.

Steroid stacks were first practiced back in the ’50s when anabolic steroids were first synthesized and didn’t have a particular brand name, so they were combined to produce results that would be impossible to reach if only a single drug was used. Today, steroid stacks remain popular for many reasons, but mostly because it is possible to increase the effects of a given drug by adding another one that has a different mechanism of action. For example, adding Deca Durabolin to a stack will increase the anabolic effect while decreasing its androgenic side effects.

preferable to stack steroidsWhy is it preferable to stack steroids as opposed to using steroids alone?

There are a lot of reasons explaining why anabolic steroids are supposed to be used in stacks rather than as a single drug.

The first reason is related to the fact that a given steroid might have a certain side effect that could be bothersome for some users, so this problem can be solved by combining it with another steroid with different properties. For example, Dianabol has an extremely strong androgenic effect that often results in masculinization symptoms. This can be prevented by using Testosterone with it, which has the opposite effect and blocks Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a metabolite of testosterone responsible for such effects.

Another reason lies in the fact that some steroids work better when combined than alone. For example, Trenbolone enhances all its effects when combined with Testosterone, but the quality of its gains might be inferior to if it was used alone.

A stack can also be used to speed up post-cycle therapy (PCT). It is well known that using some steroids like Nandrolone (Deca Durabolin or even regular Testosterone) tends to decrease natural testosterone production significantly. A PCT can help avoid such problems and should be done after a steroid cycle is over, but the use of multiple products that have different half-lives will speed up the recovery process by having more efficient control of testosterone levels in the body.

Another important reason is related to convenience and cost. Some steroids like Anavar (Oxandrolone) are very cheap compared to most other drugs and can be stacked with more expensive products like Trenbolone. That way, you will pay less but won’t have to use as many pills as you would if only a single steroid were used for your stack.

This also saves time since you don’t have to take different pills every day, but only once or twice during the week. For example, Dianabol is taken 3 times a day while Trenbolone should be injected only once per week. If these are combined, you can do away with taking pills for this steroid and just have to inject it once a week.

How do steroid stacks workHow do steroid stacks work inside the body?

steroid stacks work differently in your body, depending on which steroid stack you’re using. For example, bulking stacks are composed of Testosterone, Dianabol, and Sustanon 250 in order to maximize mass gains while minimizing side effects at the same time. This stack will improve protein synthesis thanks to the presence of different types of anabolic steroids that act on skeletal muscles by using or increasing Testosterone production in your body.

On the other hand, cutting stacks are composed of Testosterone, Deca Durabolin, and Trenbolone to maximize retention of lean body mass while still losing fat quickly. This stack will reduce excess water in your body by using nandrolone decanoate (Deca) for its strong anti-progestin effect which prevents water retention. But it won’t allow catabolic effects to take place since Trenbolone has the opposite effect and will work like an anti-catabolic drug.

Since both stacks achieve different results, you need to choose which one is right for your goals, cutting or bulking.

Some other stacks include anabolic stacks which are composed of Trenbolone, Dianabol, and Anavar to achieve rapid mass gain while minimizing side effects. They also include pre-contest stacks like testosterone (200-400mg/week), Equipoise (300-600mg/week), Masteron (75mg every other day) for the same purpose.

Based on all the features steroid stacks have, this performance-enhancing method is gaining popularity among bodybuilders who want to gain or lose weight quickly while minimizing side effects.

Of course, the main goal of using multiple steroids simultaneously is to maximize your results while minimizing adverse reactions since side effects are inevitable when taking steroids. That’s why you should do research first before sharing your ideas with other bodybuilders.

Remember that steroid stacks are not free of risks since they will put a lot of stress on your liver and kidneys. That’s why you should always take precautionary measures whenever you incorporate them into your plan.

A bulking stack for beginners

Beginners who are just starting to enter the world of bodybuilding should take a look at the bulking stack in this section and start with it. This combination is composed of three products: Testosterone, Dianabol, and Sustanon 250 which you’re to take during different parts of your cycle.

But before we go into detail, you should know that using multiple steroids simultaneously will put more stress on your liver and kidneys. That’s why you should first familiarize yourself with steroid stacks and their side effects before trying them out.

The steroids included in this stack

Just as we have mentioned above, you will need three steroids in order for this stack to properly work.

  • Testosterone: This particular steroid is included in most stacks since it’s a versatile anabolic steroid with strong anabolic and androgenic effects. In the last few years, its popularity has grown thanks to its ability to increase mass, gain strength, and improve athletic performance while minimizing side effects at the same time thanks to different types of Testosterone compounds.
  • Dianabol: This is a popular oral anabolic steroid that is normally used in bulking stacks. It works by increasing protein synthesis and red blood cell count in the body, both of which are essential elements for gaining weight quickly. But it also has some side effects since it’s known to be more toxic than other types of steroids.
  • Sustanon 250: This is a combination of four different Testosterone compounds that are blended in one solution. The good thing about this stack is it’s composed of the shortest ester base which means you will have to inject it less often.

 Positive effects of using this steroid stack

This particular steroid stack has been known to result in a lot of positive effects and benefits that bodybuilders have been praising for years! The positive effects of this steroid stack are as follows:

Increased levels of testosterone: Due to the presence of Testosterone, this steroid stack will boost your testosterone levels which is crucial for speeding up protein synthesis and gaining more muscle mass. In addition to that, Testosterone has been known to improve athletic performance while minimizing the risk of injury. 

Increased muscle hardness: The increased level of testosterone will also increase muscle hardness since it’s a well-known fact that an increase in testosterone levels directly impacts muscle hardness! What’s more, Testosterone can also help you lose weight since it’s also responsible for increasing metabolic rate.

Increased red blood cell count: As mentioned above, Sustanon 250 is composed of four different types of Testosterone compounds that are blended into one solution which means it will boost your red blood cell count faster than other single-compound Testosterone products. This particular element is essential for increasing muscle size and strength since an increase in red blood cell count means more oxygen will be supplied to your muscles during workouts. This, in turn, can result in better athletic performance while improving muscle endurance and maximizing muscle pumps!

Improved libido: As if the above-listed elements weren’t enough, Testosterone will also improve your libido and levels of arousal! This is due to the fact that testosterone is known as a male hormone which means it’s responsible for regulating male functions such as fertility and libido.

Increased fat loss: In order to cut weight quickly, you should always opt for steroids that are also responsible for increasing metabolic rate. This is exactly what you get once you start taking this steroid stack since Testosterone can affect your metabolism in a positive way and increase fat loss over time!

Improved levels of recovery: The increased levels of testosterone in your body will also improve recovery rates after each workout session! As we all know, one of the most important elements for building muscle mass is sleep. So you can imagine that an improved recovery rate will also result in better results over time!

Improved energy levels: On top of everything else, Testosterone can also improve your overall energy levels which is crucial for gaining weight quickly! This is because testosterone has the ability to increase mental clarity and mood which, in turn, will result in increased motivation and energy levels during your workouts!Weight gain guarantee: Since this steroid stack is composed of the shortest ester base, you will have to inject it less often than other single-compound Testosterone products. Not only that but this particular type of testosterone has also been known to provide the best results when it comes to weight gain!

Possible side effects of this steroid stack

Even though this particular steroid stack has been known to provide positive results in many cases, there are still some negative side effects that you need to be aware of. The most common side-effects of taking this type of testosterone include: 

Increased risk of hair loss: If you already suffer from male pattern baldness, then this steroid stack is not for you. This is due to the fact that testosterone can accelerate hair loss and even trigger it if you haven’t been experiencing any symptoms so far.

Increased levels of estrogen: Testosterone is also responsible for promoting the formation of estrogen in your body. In some cases, the levels of estrogen can increase so fast that it will have a negative impact on your body! Most men who take this steroid stack will experience gynecomastia and major water retention since these are common side effects of taking testosterone for long periods of time. An increase in estrogen also means an increased chance of fat gain which is another reason why you should take testosterone responsibly to avoid unwanted side effects.

Increased risk of acne: Testosterone can also cause breakouts and severe cases of acne in some individuals. This is due to the fact that increased levels of testosterone will affect your sebaceous glands which, in turn, results in more oil production on your skin! You should always take measures in order to avoid this side effect and opt for products that can control acne during your steroid cycle.

Increased risk of gyno: The most common side-effect of taking testosterone is gyno which can become serious enough to require surgery. This is due to the fact that increased estrogen levels in the body can cause fat retention, water retention, and blood pressure which in turn increases your risk of developing gyno.

Invalidate your workout program: Since this is a steroid stack meant for gaining weight, we cannot recommend it to anyone who is trying to lose weight or stay within their current body weight! If you want to gain weight and muscle mass then you should opt for fat burners instead since this steroid stack will result in fat gain!Increase your appetite: The increased levels of testosterone in your body will also lead to increased hunger which, if not controlled well, can hinder your weight loss goals. You should always take measures in order to avoid eating junk food or unhealthy meals when taking this steroid stack.

How to use this steroid stack

Now let’s get into how to properly cycle this steroid stack. Since it is composed of Testosterone, Dianabol, and Sustanon 250, we will need to take it for a total of 12 weeks. Each of the compounds in this steroid stack has its own half-life and, as such, we can divide the total cycle into three different phases of 4 weeks each! Here is what you should do:

  • Phase 1 (4 weeks): Take one injection of Testosterone propionate every day along with one injection of Sustanon 250 every other day. 
  • Phase 2 (4 weeks): Take one injection of Dianabol daily for the first 3 days, then switch to taking two injections every day afterward. 
  • Phase 3 (4 weeks): Take one injection of Testosterone propionate every day for the first 3 days, then switch to taking a Testosterone enanthate injection every day. 

Post-cycle therapy (PCT): After completing this steroid cycle, you should always take measures in order to balance your body’s natural testosterone production! As such, we recommend you buy some HCG and Clomid or Nolvadex to use during your PCT! If buying all of these products is too expensive for you, then just purchase one product that can be used both as a testosterone booster and PCT! We recommend TESTRO – X since it has the highest natural testosterone boosting ingredients with the lowest estrogen conversion rate!

Steroids to avoid while using this stack

There are also some steroids that must be avoided while using this steroid stack since they can negatively impact your results and cause unwanted side effects! This includes:

  • Stanozolol (Winstrol): Stanozolol must be avoided since it can cause severe damage to your liver.
  • Turinabol: This steroid is 17-alpha-alkylated which means it cannot be used by your body! It will also cause serious liver problems and you should avoid using it at all costs.

Nandrolone Decanoate (Deca): This steroid must also be avoided since it has a high risk of causing liver problems.

Conclusion and summary

In conclusion, this steroid stack is made for beginner bodybuilders who are looking for a steroid cycle that is easy to use, highly effective, and with 100% safe results! You should always take measures in order to avoid any unwanted side effects as those can become serious enough to require medical attention! If you want to gain muscle weight then this is the right steroid stack for you but it’s not advised for those who are looking to lose weight or stay within their current body weight! If that’s your goal then you should opt for a fat burner instead since this steroid stack will end up causing fat gain.

 What are your thoughts on this bulking stack? Please let us know in the comments below!