10 Insta-worthy Places in CT

    For this latest feature we partnered with local blogger Sarah Lukowski to share with her ten insta-worthy spots in Connecticut you should visit

    Connecticut may be a small state, but there is so much diversity in the landscape: cities, shorelines, farmland, forests, and rolling hills. As much as I complain about Connecticut being boring state there are many things I love about it: the seasons, our sports teams, and the beautiful scenery.

    I was born and raised in CT so I know what it’s like to cheer on the powerful University of Connecticut’s women’s basketball team, eat delicious Frank Pepe’s pizza, and spend hot summer days on the shoreline-- all things that make Connecticut special.

    As a new blogger and longtime CT resident, I also like to believe that I know of the perfect locations to take Instagram-worthy photos in the state. There are too many photo taking spots in CT to include here, but these ten are my favorites.

Horsebarn Hill; Storrs, CT

   In Connecticut, we obviously don’t have mountains like out West or up North, but we do have rolling hills. Horsebarn Hill is located on UConn campus behind the Dairy Bar. Up top it has beautiful views of the campus and of the farmlands below that is scattered with horses. Be sure to grab some ice cream before you leave!

Horsebarn Hill.JPG

Heirloom Market at Comstock Ferre; Wethersfield, CT

   The Heirloom Market in Wethersfield is a cafe and market, but the exterior also makes for great photos especially around Christmas when they have lights and Christmas trees outside. Old Wethersfield is also a gorgeous and historic town all year round that is very Instagrammable.

Heirloom Market.jpg

Buttonwood Farm; Griswold, CT

   This is by far my favorite summer photo taking spot. Every summer Buttonwood Farm hosts Sunflower for Wishes that fundraises money for Make-A-Wish Connecticut. For this event, Buttonwood Farm plants acres of sunflowers for viewing and photo taking of course. There is also an ice cream shop on the grounds as well.

Buttonwood Farm Sunflowers (Griswold).JPG

Book Barn; Niantic, CT

   The Book Barn is an awesome place for bookworms, but it is also great for those trying to expand their Instagram account feed with photos. There are four Book Barn locations spread throughout the seaside town of Niantic that isn’t complete without cats! Take some photos with the cats and at the Main Barn where there are themed “book barns” and play areas. While in Niantic be sure to also check out the revamped Niantic Boardwalk!

Book Barn (Niantic).jpg

Shad Row; Rocky Hill, CT

   Shad Row is a seasonal, waterfront eatery on the Connecticut River situated next to the Rocky Hill-Glastonbury ferry. The food is great, but it is also a very Insta-worthy location. There is Shad Row mural on the underside of the building and the Connecticut river alongside it also makes for an artsy photo. Don’t forget to also take a photo of your delicious lobster roll!

Shad Row (Rocky Hill_CT River).JPG

Downtown Hartford; Hartford, CT

   There are many photo ops around the capital city including: Bushnell Park, the Capitol building with its golden top, and the Colt Armory which is a short drive from the Capitol building. From the Capitol building you can get a view of the skyline from the luscious lawn. Additionally, in Bushnell Park there is a carousel and a seasonal ice skating rink and on the Colt Armory grounds there are old historic factories, brick buildings that were for the factory workers, and a brewery. All of these provide for the shot you are searching for!

Downtown Hartford (Colt Building).JPG

Essex, CT

   All around the quaint shoreline town of Essex there are perfect photo ops including the historic Griswold Inn. I’ve been to many brunches here and it is charming inside and out! The Gris -- as I call it -- is also the longest continuously run tavern in the United States. Scattered around the downtown area in addition to the Inn are more adorable homes and storefronts for an Insta-worthy shot.

Essex (Griswold Inn).jpg

Wild Bill’s Nostalgia; Middletown, CT

   Wild Bill’s is at the top of my list for the craziest store in Connecticut. Inside there are posters, records, pins, magazines, etc. But the outside grounds are a thrill with its crazy art installations. The second you pull up you can see the massive haunted house and fun house as well as the brick tower and the quirky murals painted on the store’s exterior. I believe that Wild Bill’s is THE hidden gem of Connecticut and is a must-see! You will totally laugh at the outrageousness of it all. You also can’t resist taking many photos.

Wild Bill's (Middletown).JPG

Salmon River State Forest; Colchester, CT

   I live pretty close by to the Salmon River State Forest, but have only been once. It is located in the four towns of Marlborough, Hebron, East Hampton, and East Haddam. The Airline trail runs through it and the location isn’t complete without a covered bride and a concrete bridge. You can also picnic and fish at this state forest and of course take photos of the flowing river and the towering treetops.

Salmon River (Colchester).JPG

South Glastonbury, CT

   South Glastonbury is small farm town nestled alongside the Connecticut River. There are many cute restaurants and photo worthy spots. Including several orchards: Belltown, Rose’s Berry Farm, Donderdos that are all the perfect location for every season! Especially during the fall when you can pick apples and eat some apple fritters. In South Glastonbury there is also the Cotton Hollow Preserve and the hidden Matson Hill Open Space where there is a lonely chimney and its foundation as well as an old mill dam. You can spend the whole day in South Glastonbury finding hidden locations for photos!

South Glastonbury (Rose's Berry Farm Orchard).JPG

   Of course there are many more photo op locations around the state, but these are the ones I love the most. Have you guys been to any of these places? Any places I missed? Let me know! Grab your phone and/or camera and head to the places to improve your Instagram and social media feed!