4 Ways to Celebrate National Burger Month in Connecticut

   Happy National Burger Month, Connecticut foodies! For this list we've had the pleasure of once again partnering with Erin Daly from The Bread and Breakfast. Here are four of the best ways to celebrate this classic month, in our very own state.

Plan B Burger Bar

Plan B - Breakfast Burger.jpg

What’s on the Menu: The Breakfast Burger if you’re looking for a tried and true star, visit Plan B Burger Bar in West Hartford. This restaurant is considered to be the OG, in the long lineup of eateries on the B Restaurant’s roster. To go a bit outside of the box, burger lovers can get The Breakfast Burger: a juicy burger, topped with a crispy fried egg, cheddar cheese, salty bacon, and a sweet maple aioli, all on a flaky croissant bun. Looking for more of a classic dish? Try the Mini Cheeseburgers stack, with their to-die- for Parmesan fries.

Locations: Fairfield, Glastonbury, Milford, Simsbury, Stamford, West Hartford


Archie Moore’s

Archie Moores - Gyro Burger.jpg

What’s on the Menu: Macaroni Cheeseburger and Gyro Burger, talk about celebrating in style! This bar and restaurant serves up some unique patties, that will make you wish you had room for more. For comfort food lovers out there, try the Macaroni Cheeseburger: a traditional burger topped with housemade mac and cheese, as well as additional slices of cheddar and American! If something a bit exotic strikes your fancy, the Gyro Burger (a Greek seasoned burger, served with cucumber sauce, feta and veggies, on a flatbread), is for you!

Locations: New Haven, Fairfield, Milford, Wallingford, Derby


Prime 16

Prime 16 - Honey Truffle.jpg

What’s on the Menu: Honey Truffle Burger if you’re visiting Prime 16, be prepared to take a while with the menu. This popular spot has SO many delicious options, it’s hard to decide on just one of their gourmet burgers. A crowd favorite is the Honey Truffle: a beef patty, topped with Swiss cheese, smoky bacon, honey-truffle potato chips, and roasted plum tomatoes. That honey-truffle sauce is out of this world! Any of their burgers pair perfectly with their signature Fancy Tots.

Locations: New Haven, Orange


Main Street Pint and Plate

Main Street Pint and Plate - 182 Main St..jpg

What’s on the Menu: 182 Main Street. Having just opened their doors in the beginning of April, Main Street Pint and Plate already has a menu that’s to die for. Their go-to is called the 182 Main Street - a brisket blend burger with veggies, your choice of cheese, and an addictive garlic aioli. Also on their list of burgers and sandwiches, you’ll find a few alternatives to traditional beef patties, such as the Beyond Burger (a vegan burger, with caramelized onions, veggies, garlic aioli, and Firefly IRA bbq, all on a toasted potato roll), or the Salmon Burger (salmon, served with lemon-dill tartar sauce and veggies, on a brioche bun).

Location: Bristol


These are just four of many amazing Connecticut restaurants that serve over-the- top, gourmet burgers. Where will you celebrate National Burger Month?

Erin Daly

Check out Erin’s other local favorites on her Instagram: @thebreadandbreakfast, or by checking out her website, thebreadandbreakfast.com