The Little Poland Festival

We’ve partnered with Lisa from Belle’s Notebook to share with you about the Little Poland Festival. The Little Poland Festival returns this weekend!  The festival will be held on Broad Street in New Britain on Sunday June 2nd, between 11am-7pm.  The event is free!  The festival will feature Polish food, a beer garden, a carnival, and live music.

This is the 8th annual Little Poland Festival.  This is the first time the event is held in June.  In previous years, it was always in April.  The event celebrates the Polish history and heritage of the neighborhood. 

            Here is a list of fun things to experience at the festival:

1.      Eat amazing food: the restaurants will feature authentic Polish kielbasa, pierogi, soups, and desserts. In addition, restaurants in the central Connecticut area will also be in attendance.

2.      Learn some Polish words: with many native speakers in attendance you can work on your Polish vocabulary! 

3.      Support local businesses: many of the vendors in attendance are small, local businesses.  Most of them have their shops right on Broad Street. 

4.      Do the polka: the main stage will also feature a dance area.  Several bands will be featured throughout the day and will provide musical variety.

5.      Make new friends: the street festival always brings a friendly atmosphere. The set up also provides plenty of opportunities to interact with business owners as well as attendees.


Parking is also free but only available in specified parking garages and on the street.  Setting up a carpool or Uber may be the best way to get to and enjoy the festival.

For more information about the festival check out Little Poland, New Britain Connecticut Facebook page.