Adam Young

We had the opportunity to speak with Adam Young from Sift Bake Shop in Mystic to discuss winning Food Network’s “Best Baker in America” and what it’s like to be a local business in Connecticut.

Local Connecticut: Besides winning, what was your favorite experience being on Food Network's Best Baker In America?

Adam Young: Being able to network with the other contestants, and spend time bonding with leaders of the industry.

LC: You need to prepare your favorite dessert for a dinner party, what are you making?

AY: Grilled stone fruit with gelato and black pepper honey.

LC: What is the backstory behind Sift?

AY: I had worked in luxury hospitality for years, and wanted to be able to provide my craft to a broader demographic. Sift allows me to do just that. Also, as a chef, you can travel and move often for work. My wife is from Stonington, and she and I both were hopeful to put down "roots" locally.

LC: What do you hope people experience when they walk into Sift?

AY: A unique experience that is more than just a food necessity, and gracious service. The type of service that parallels the quality of product we serve.


LC: How important is the local community to you as a business owner?

AY: It's the most important thing, which is why we focus on giving back, job creation, and provide a unique experience to the local community. 

LC: Describe Sift in three words.

AY: Community, consistency, craftsmanship.

For more information about Adam, his family, and Sift Bake Shop visit their website below!