Caitlin Houston (Confessions Of A Northern Belle)

We recently spoke with Caitlin known for her blog, Confessions Of A Northern Belle about life in Connecticut and the best ways to take advantage of what the state has to offer.

Local Connecticut: What is your favorite part of living in Connecticut?

Caitlin Houston: Aside from being close to my family and friends, I find Connecticut to be beautiful during each and every season - from sunsets in the summer to fresh snowfalls in the winter, from the picturesque foliage in the fall and the greenery of the spring, there is just something so amazing about living in a place where each season is a different experience. 

LC: If you could choose one day trip in the state, what would it be?

CH: I am torn between Mystic with my family and hitting the Connecticut Wine Trail with girlfriends!


LC: What’s your favorite restaurant in the state and why?

CH: Choosing a favorite restaurant is difficult because I like a little bit of something from a few different places. My go-to restaurant for a delicious Italian meal with a beautiful glass of wine is Michael’s Trattoria in Wallingford, CT. I’ve been going there since they opened when I was a little girl and even spent two years working there during high school. It feels like home when I walk in and I always know I will have the best chicken parmigiana around! 


LC: You’re looking to go somewhere fun for the day with kids, where are you going?

CH: The KidCity Children’s Museum in Middletown is SO much fun. It’s interactive, and imaginative, a wonderful place where you can easily spend a few hours with your kids. 

LC: In the years you’ve lived in CT, what is one thing about the state you didn’t expect?

CH: I was born and raised in CT so it is hard to come up with something like that…I can tell you that I always impress people with the fact that the hamburger was invented in New Haven though!

LC: If you could give advice to a local CT resident about exploring their own state, what would it be?

CH: Ride the Essex Steam Train and Riverboat, eat seafood on the coast (or buy it from Bud’s in Branford), take a trip to one of the wineries (especially the two in Wallingford!), and eat lots of pizza in New Haven. 

If you’d like to learn more about Confessions Of A Northern Belle visit Caitlin’s website!