Deb Cohen (The Front Door Project)

We recently spoke with Deb Cohen, founder of The Front Door Project about her experiences in Connecticut and what she thinks the state has to offer. If you’d like to learn more about The Front Door Project visit her website or Instagram account linked at the end of this interview!

Local Connecticut: What is your favorite part about living in Connecticut?

Deb Cohen: With the exception of four years in college, I have lived in Connecticut my entire life. I love the variety we have across the state from our shoreline towns, to Litchfield county, and out to the Quiet Corner of the state. We have a sampling of everything from the quintessential New England village green, to urban centers like Hartford and New Haven, as well as family farms, breweries, and vineyards. And if you want the big city experience, we are close to both Boston and New York (a common answer, I know!)

LC: If you could choose one day trip in state what would it be?

DC: Oh, that's a tough one! But if I have to choose one I would have to go with Mystic, CT. You could certainly spend more than one day there, but my perfect day in Mystic would be pastries and coffee from Sift Bake Shop, a visit to Mystic Seaport Museum, a leisurely stroll around downtown for some shopping, an afternoon snack at Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream, and then dinner at The Engine Room or S&P Oyster Company. This trip is perfect for almost every day of the year!

Deb Cohen

Deb Cohen

LC: Let's talk food. What's your favorite restaurant and why?

DC: Living in West Hartford, CT I am fortunate to have a wide variety of restaurants to choose from within a mile of my home. I always enjoy a delicious burger at Max Burger, but my current favorite spot for a twist on traditional barbecue is The Cook & The Bear. You must have the biscuits and brisket, and their Old Fashioned is unparalleled!

LC: What is The Front Door Project and what made you start it?

DC: The Front Door Project began a little over four years ago, which is hard to believe. It started very simply with me snapping photos of homes with interesting architecture or great curb appeal on some of my local walks. I decided to share on Instagram since my teenage daughter had started an account and I thought it looked fun. Much to my surprise I found some fellow door and architecture lovers, and the account has flourished! I also started a blog by the same name, and I have a book coming out this spring that celebrates historic architecture across the New England region. Since I started my "project" I have taken pictures across all six New England states, and continue to visit new places looking for fresh inspiration.

LC: Where is your favorite house in CT?

DC: Another challenging question! I love so many homes in Connecticut. If I'm going for the wow factor though, I would choose the Silas W. Robbins House in Old Wethersfield, CT. Although originally a private residence, it is now a B&B and it was recently featured in a Hallmark Christmas movie along with some other Old Wethersfield locations. Old Wethersfield is the largest historic district in the state of Connecticut, and almost every architectural style is represented. I highly recommend a visit!

Silas W. Robbins House in Old Wethersfield

Silas W. Robbins House in Old Wethersfield

LC: If you could give advice to a local CT resident about exploring their own state what would it be?
DC: My main piece of advice would be to stop listening to the naysayers that complain that there is nothing to do in Connecticut! Pick a town you have never explored and see what it has to offer. Take a drive and pop into some shops, try a new brewery, walk around a historic downtown...whatever piques your interest! Since we are fortunate to experience every season, there is always something going on that helps us to celebrate the current season. Visiting a town in the winter provides a totally different (but equally wonderful) experience as visiting in the summer!

We want to thank Deb for taking the time to share her CT experience with us. Want more from The Front Door Project? Use the links below!