Basic Bars Soap

    Local Connecticut was recently able to sit down Dorrie and Adam Doolittle, owners of Basic Bars Soap, a vegan, organic, eco friendly soap company based out of Stafford Springs, CT to talk about the company and their inspiration behind it.

Local Connecticut: What is the inspiration behind Basic Bars Soap? 

Basic Bars Soap: Basic Bars Soap LLC is a company that was born out of necessity, and a dream. When me and my husband met about 5 years ago we were both using hand crafted soaps.  I was personally using them because I had acquired an over exposure allergy to sodium lauryl sulfate, the major sudsing agent in commercial soap.  My husband had been turned on to handcrafted soap because of its luxurious feel and qualities.  He’s the type of guy that likes the best of the best!   One day while talking a walk and talking about our future dreams Adam mentioned he’d like to own a soap company by a beach in Hawaii.  I was shocked!  Although he had mentioned he wanted one day to live in Hawaii he never mentioned wanting to own a soap company.    I filed that info away.  One day a few month later I surprised Adam with a weekend away and a soap making class!!!  After that we were hooked!  Finally we were able to create soap and make it in a way that was even better for my skin. We were now creating soap that better addressed my allergies and sensitivities.


LC: What is the difference between Basic Bars and a normal store bought bar of soap?

BBS: There are many differences between commercial soap and handcrafted soap.  Then there are many differences between most handcrafted soaps and Basic Bars Soap.  Commercial soap is full of chemicals, ingredients that are unknown and unpronounceable to most of us.  Many commercial soap companies pull the naturally occurring glycerin from the soap to sell off to other cosmetic manufacturers at a high profit margin, then they are left with soap void of moisturizing properties.  To make up for the lack of glycerin they add cheap synthetic chemical substitutes.  True small batch handcrafted soap does not use chemical fillers.  Now what sets us apart from other handcrafted soap companies is the fact we keep our soaps as natural as we believe soap should be.  It’s not the cheapest or easiest way to make soap but we believe it’s worth it!!  Our soap is made with organic ingredients.  We scent our soaps with essential oils (most of them organic).  We do not use any synthetic colorants, dyes or fragrances ever!!!  All the colors and scents found in our products are naturally occurring from nature such as coffees teas, and clays. This is so important to us!! We think it should be to everyone as well.  There are so many chemicals affecting us daily. Our soap should be cleaning those toxins away not adding more toxic exposure!   So many illnesses and allergies are occurring today because of our daily toxic exposures, not to mention all the harm we are doing to Mother Earth from our toxic choices. We want to be part of the solution, for healthier people and a healthier Earth. This is also why we’ve chosen to be a eco friendly company.  Above and beyond using only natural mostly organic ingredients we also only purchase from suppliers that sustainably source and harvest responsibly. Our packaging is recyclable, made from recycled materials and is biodegradable. We care about the health of our community and Mother Earth they must both be healthy to stay in balance.

LC: What's your most popular bar?

BBS: Our detoxifying Activated Charcoal and Bentonite Clay Basic Bar.  This bar is a triple threat.  The activated charcoal is a magnet for toxins.. Activated charcoal binds to toxins and removes them from the skin while Bentonite Clay helps firm and extract importities. This bar also is blended with organic Tea Tree oil (for its natural astringent abilities), Lavender oil and Peppermint oil (for their calming abilities).  Our customers love this bar because they know they are getting a great cleansing bar and are removing the environmental exposures from the day.


LC: If you had to sum up Basic Bars in three words what would they be?

BBS: Healthy, Eco-Friendly, Organic

LC: Where can someone buy Basic Bars?

BBS: Best advise check out our website, We have a online store (we ship anywhere in the USA) and check out our locations page on the website. It will have events we will be attending/selling and a list of currents stores that retail our products.

We want to thank Dorrie and Adam Doolittle for letting us get a look inside Basic Bars Soap. If you know a business we should feature send us an email via our contact tab and as always follow us on social media to stay up to date on any Local CT news.