The Two Oh Three

   Recently we were able to catch up with Tory and Roscoe from The Two Oh Three, a clothing company and lifestyle brand based out of Connecticut and talk about the company as well as what it's like to be a company infused with the current Connecticut market.

Local Connecticut: What's the inspiration behind The Two Oh Three? 

The 203: The inspiration for our brand started when Tory moved away from Connecticut to go to college out of state. We began realizing that, while so many other states had lifestyle brands, there were no cool brands that celebrated Connecticut! We wanted cool CT gear, and we couldn't find them anywhere, so we began making Connecticut products ourselves. At first, we began designing CT themed shirts for ourselves and for our friends, but we had no idea that what we were creating would soon become a strong lifestyle brand for the entire state. We have always been extremely passionate about the state of Connecticut and we try to make sure that our passion for CT can be seen in all aspects of our brand. The name of our company is based on CT’s very first area code, but we make products for the entire state- not just the 203 area code. 

LC: What's your favorite current item in the store? 

The 203: My favorite item is our Camo Joggers (I literally can’t take them off) and our hand painted Home For The Holiday’s ornaments (I have 5 of them on my Christmas tree)! 

Roscoe’s favorite item is the CT snapback hat, our classic white home tee and of course… his “203 Local” tire cover!


LC: What's your favorite The Two Oh Three item of all time? 

The 203: Wow.. this is a hard one! I personally love our Turkish towels/ beach blankets and Roscoe's is definitely the jeep wrangler tire cover. I gave it to him for Xmas last year and we had so many requests for it, that we added it to our collection. It is way too much fun when we see another jeep driving around with our tire cover!

LC: If you had to sum up The Two Oh Three in three words what would they be? 

The 203: Connecting & Celebrating our local community.


LC: What's the importance of connecting with your local community? 

The 203: Community, and connecting with our community is immensely important to our brand’s identity. There is so much more to our brand than just our products. Our brand is all about celebrating this community and embracing Connecticut. 

We also spend a ton of time working “on the street” connecting with our customers and partners. We work our booth at pop up shops and markets all over the state. These events are where we have made some of our strongest connections and met our most loyal customers to date. Connecting with the community helps guide our brand’s journey. We also use our social media to connect with the community and celebrate the state. We love being able to use pictures and images to promote a happy, fun Connecticut lifestyle post nostalgic pictures and images of our gorgeous state. We also love working with and collaborating with so many local CT businesses. All of our gear is locally printed and locally embroidered here in CT and all of our logos are designed locally. 


LC: Where can someone buy 203 products? 

The 203: All of our products are available at we also sell to about 20 retail stores throughout CT. All of the retail stores are listed on our website’s homepage.

We want to thank Tory and Roscoe for answering some questions about The Two Oh Three!  We highly recommend going to their website and buying some products (We wear some ourselves) whether it be for yourself or as a Christmas gift for someone else! 

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