SnapSeat Photo Booths

  Photo Booths have become one of the hottest trends to have at your wedding or party of any kind within the last few years. Today's technology makes an "old school" photo booth something of the past with photo, video, and gif booths becoming more and more popular. We were able to sit down with Jonathan Johnson, owner of SnapSeat Photo Booths, one of the largest and most recommended in Connecticut to talk not only about SnapSeat, but about photo booths in general.

Local Connecticut: What was the inspiration behind SnapSeat?

Jonathan Johnson: SnapSeat is inspired by a love of instant photography and a desire to help families have more portraits.  The way we serve our clients is creating really great photography stations at events which allow them to capture and share memories at events instantly.   When a family is together at a festival or sporting event, or gathering at a celebration like a wedding or a birthday, these create amazing opportunities to great those amazing photo memories that last a lifetime.   SnapSeat's photo booths are fun, modern, it's digital and prints, and it's also about quality service, quality photography, and instant printing and live social sharing.  That approach to photo booths is what makes us different.

LC: What is the most common request when someone books a photo booth for their event?

JJ: We provide customized photo prints at every event in a few sized and formats, providing our clients endless options for what their prints look like.  We provide something tailored to every events style, theme, decor, design.  It's something that allows our clients to seamlessly incorporate their style into our services. We also provide a wide selection of backdrops, custom prop sets, photo favors, print photo albums, and more, plus we offer a number of technology features like Animated Gifs, Boomerang Gifs, Live Slideshows, Live Gallery Pages, and more.


LC: Why is it a good idea to have a photo booth at your wedding or party?

JJ: What makes a SnapSeat Photo Booth valuable at an event is the way it combines providing a quality photo station with a source of entertainment.  We are frequently told "the photo booth is the hit of the party."  SnapSeat strives to provide top-notch photo experiences, where guests are "wowwed" by the quality of the photos, the liveview touchscreens, the speed of printing, the live social media kiosk sharing. Having a modern photo booth impresses your guests and elevates the photo experience. We provide the environment for fun, and for families and couples to get together in front of a camera to both capture memories and to goof off and have a laugh.

LC: Are there any unwritten do's and dont's when you're taking a photo in a photo booth? 

JJ: Photo Booths are pretty open to interpretation.  We have guests want to "take a nice picture" with the family without props, and others may perhaps be told to keep their clothes on.  It's a wide range of responses and really depends on the crowd and the event. After 700 events, even when you think you've seen it all, people keep creating fun ways to capture fun times. I think the measure of a photo booth is how fun the photos can get with all the props and fun and silly poses, and at the same time those guests will be able to put the props aside and capture the quality portraits with the grandparents, or the kids, or the best friends, those that ten years from now you are glad in the photo booth you made some silly photos and some beautiful photos.

LC: What sets apart SnapSeat from other CT photo booth companies?

JJ: What makes SnapSeat different is we offer the nicest photo portrait quality around combined with cutting-edge social media sharing at every event.  We also strive to be the most professional - we work full-time at solely photo booths.  We are picking up the phone and answering emails from our clients daily and making sure we are providing the service our clients deserve for the momentous events that choose us to serve, both before, during, and after every event.

LC: Describe what someone can expect from hiring SnapSeat for their party in three words.


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