Eli Cannon's Tap Room

   Are you looking for a new spot to grab a few drinks?  We sat down with the Phil from Eli Cannon's in Middletown to ask him more about Eli's and what makes it such a go to spot for locals.

Local Connecticut: What was the inspiration behind opening Eli Cannon's?

Phil: No inspiration. Only a motivation: FEAR. I was a bartender at the Eli Cannons location when it was a different Bar, 24 years ago. They went out of business so I was out of a job. Fear to be without a paycheck was the motivator. We thought the then "micro brew" thing was going to grow. So that would be the direction we would go in.

LC: What should someone expect when they walk through the front door?

Phil: To be punched in the face with atmosphere, then possible to say, " this place is busy" 


LC: How many beers are on tap at any given time and how often are they switched?

Phil: We carry 36 beers on tap plus a nitro coffee and often a firkin for cask conditioned ales ( whenever they are offered ) of the 36 taps, only about 6 are permanent lines. The other 30 taps are usually rotated as they kick. Example: beer X is on line one. When it kicks, beer Y goes on in its place. Constantly rotated to ensure freshness. 

LC: Let's talk food, what's a menu item people need to try when they come to Eli Cannon's?

Phil: If you're new to us, go for the nachos. By far they have the best first timers "wow!" Effect.


LC: What events are happening at Eli's within the next few months?

Phil: We just had our annual XXMAS TREE LIGHTING! We do that in conjunction with the city. Street is closed off. Over 500 gifts were given out to kids and we make it snow from the roof. Yup! We make it snow from the roof! Next up is our 24th anniversary party which is always on Mardi Gras, always New Orleans Style. After that is SPD25! Our 25th Saint Patrick's Day. Nuff said. Then we start prepping our outdoor beach to get ready for spring/summer our strongest seasons.

LC: How important is the local community when it comes to the business?

Phil: Local community has always been a foundation of our long success. We are very active in the chamber as well as local elementary schools. We've always been asked when will we open another Eli Cannons in another town. The answer is simple, "never. This is our neighborhood, Middletown is our Town. There's too much work left to do here" 


We want to thank Phil and the rest of Eli's staff for letting us take an inside look into the tap room.  If you've never visited we highly suggest you do, the great drinks and food coupled with the one of a kind atmosphere makes it a spot you'll want to keep visiting.