Hawthorn Watch Co.

   Recently we were able to sit down with Brian Dunnigan from Hawthorn Watch Co. which is based locally out of CT to discuss not only the Hawthorn brand, but also the difference between a decent watch, and a great watch.

Local Connecticut: What is the inspiration behind Hawthorn Watch Co.?

Brian: Hawthorn Watch Co. started from a literal dream. I had a dream that I had designed a watch with laser hands, woke up, in the middle of the night, sketched it down on a piece of paper, and fell back asleep. In the morning I realized that idea is a little far fetched but that it might be fun to design a watch in my spare time since I'm a designer. With the help of my friend from college, an industrial designer named Jeremy Crossgrove, we started sketching out some ideas. The inception of that original dream, however, has deeper roots. My grandfather, Bernard Brown, was a watchmaker based out of Connecticut. I grew up seeing my grandfather work on watches and that instilled my love of timepieces from a very early age. You could say that watches are in our blood.

LC: What is the importance of using high quality components in your watches?

Brian: From the moment that Hawthorn went from side project to actual business we had one singular vision, to make watches out of high quality materials but still make the watches affordable. Most people don't know a lot about watches which leads them to buy something that they like the look of and fits their budget. The problem is that there's a lot of watch companies out there that make decent looking timepieces but the materials are junk and they fall apart quickly. We use surgical-grade 316L stainless steel, a sapphire crystal (the "glass" of the watch) which is second in hardness only to diamond, a Swiss movement and Maine-tanned leather for our straps. Our watches are built to last and carry the warranty to prove it.


LC: Where can someone go to purchase a Hawthorn Watch?

Brian: You buy them online at hawthornwatchco.com and we're working on getting them into stores for 2018 so people can try them on in person.

LC: Since Hawthorn was founded what has been the best selling item?

Brian: Hands down the most popular item is our Hemingway in Stainless/White. Its outsold everything 3 to 1. I think it's so popular because the color scheme works well for dressing up or down and it pairs well with our black, brown, and grey Cordura straps.


LC: Why do you think people decide to purchase a Hawthorn?

Brian: I think there's a few different reasons. The first is that people want a durable good watch instead of something that's just disposable. There's been a return to durable, long lasting products recently and people recognize that in our watches. The second, we've found, is that people are really proud of Connecticut and want to support local businesses. After receiving some exposure from the Hartford Courant and WNPR, numerous Connecticut residents sent us emails and facebook messages wishing us luck. We're grateful for all of the support we've received thus far and hope we can make CT proud. The third is that it's pretty hard to find a watch in our price range made from the quality of materials we use. We're using components that you'd see in watches 4-5x the price of ours. We can afford to price our watches where we do because we don't have the overhead of a physical store, we cutout the middleman and sell direct to the consumer, and we don't inflate the prices of our watches just because of the brand name on it.

LC: Describe Hawthorn watches in three words.

Brian: Heritage Goods Revival

We want to thank Brian for sharing with us the inspiration and purpose behind Hawthorn Watch Co. We highly suggest you head over to their website and take a look at the products they offer and let them know we sent you.