CT Bloggers You Should Check Out

   Bloggers have taken the internet by storm in the past few years.  Virtually anything you could need to know there is a blog written about it.  With that being said help is sometimes much closer than you'd think.  Below we'll share with you some bloggers that call Connecticut their home and let them explain to you who they are and what they do!

The Blogery

Hey! My name is Taccara Rae. Think of me as your blogger of all things bloggable. (Yes, I create my own words.) Your personal liaison of what everyone is thinking, but no one says. A more refined (and hotter) Donald Trump, if you will.

The Blogery has been featured in the Huffington Post and the CBS hit show, “The Doctors”. I recently started a vlog, so I would love if you all subscribed to that as well! *Everyone loves a good video*

I am a 28 year old property manager by day, aspiring actress/model, real estate agent in training, and now… blogger! I will legit be talking about anything at any given time. Celebs, fashion, movies, world news, politics, fitness (or the lack there of), health stuff, hair, makeup, and fooooood. Not necessarily in that order. 

My goal is to inspire and motivate people. Make people laugh, smile, cry, think and share the goodness! Stop by my blog and you’ll thank me later ;)

Instagram: @theblogery  Website: www.theblogery.com

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Confessions of a Northern Belle

Caitlin Houston is the author of life + style mommy blog, Confessions of a Northern Belle. Caitlin is a New England native who spent 12 years living in the south learning about the ways of a southern belle. She returned last summer to her home state of Connecticut with two little girls, Tennessee born husband, and cat, Mcmuffin. She loves pizza, red wine, snow, and all things Christmas. At Confessions of a Northern Belle you will find a variety of real life adventures and confessions in personal style and motherhood.

Instagram: @catalynbear   Website: www.confessionsofanorthenbelle.com

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Scarlett Gillotti 

@scarlettleighgilotti on Instagram is the social media platform of Scarlett Gillotti; documenting her day-to-day experiences, favorite products and all the beauty she can capture.

A CT native, Scarlett uses this network as her creative outlet in showcasing the highlights of her life; ranging from travel, beauty, flowers and the healthy lifestyle that she is dedicated to.

Regarding Connecticut, Scarlett says, “I love exploring all the things this beautiful state has to offer. CT is a New England gem filled with so much charm. Despite being one of the smaller states and nestled between two popular cities, we have such an abundance of picturesque scenery, charming little villages, fantastic restaurants and vineyards. A lot of people here take for granted all the beauty that is right at their doorsteps – I encourage them to go out and explore!”

Instagram: @scarlettleighgilotti

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Domesticated Wild Child

My name is Jessica and I live in Derby with my husband, 2 sons and dog, Winston Churchill. I enjoy cooking, binging Grey's Anatomy and spending time outside on a beautiful day.

My blog, Domesticated Wild Child, covers easy recipes, fun product reviews and other lifestyle tips I've learned along the way.

Instagram: @domesticatedwildchild   Facebook: @domesticatedwildchild                          Website: www.domesticatedwildchild.com


Teach Me How To Mommy

Amy and Colleen are two English teachers in Connecticut. They have been friends for over twenty five years and now have toddlers the same age. Follow their blog:  www.teachmehow2mommy.blogspot.com to see what it's like being a high school teacher during the day and mom to four toddlers the rest of the time. Spolier: it's fun, hard, frustrating and very fulfilling. Join us!

Instagram: @teachmehowtomommy   Website: www.teachmehow2mommy.blogspot.com


Brittney Marie

My name is Brittney Marie and I was born and raised in Connecticut, currently I’m residing in Woodbury with my Yorkie Thor and my cat Loki, and I love it! Ever since I was a child I loved to write and carried a notebook around with me. I graduated summa cum laude at Quinnipiac university with a dual degree in history and sociology, where I received the Christopher Becker history award. I graduated in the heart of the recession and I couldn’t find full time work, but I had a dance fitness career that started to blossom. While teaching fitness, I also went back to school to finish my master’s degree in secondary education. The same year I finished my master’s degree was the same year I had a head injury that would forever change my life. After chronic injury and illnesses forced me to leave those other careers behind, last year I started publishing my writing and poetry after much encouragement from family, friends, and medical professionals. While I face daily challenges, my chronic illnesses do not define me, and I love enjoying life in our beautiful state!  Some of my favorite activities are hiking, enjoying our state parks and beaches, museums, nature trails, farm-to-table and allergy friendly dining, mindfulness, historic areas, theatre, podcasts, and Netflix. I look forward to sharing the adventures our state has to offer with you!

Instagram: @brittneymari3   Website: www.themighty.com/author/brittney-guertin

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Wordy Broad

Hello! My name is Lucille Farrrell and my blog is called Wordy Broad. I describe myself as a Mouthy Broad talking about life, writing, true crime, the paranormal, food, and how to keep your sanity in check. After returning back into the world of writing, immersing myself in writing and deleting half of my first novel, I decided I wanted to blog about my journey. Along the way it seemed to be the perfect platform to talk about my favorite topics and interact with anyone willing to speak.

I admit, it’s a small blog being just over a month old, but it has a lot of heart and it will develop into something that will be a lot of fun for all involved.

Instagram: @lucigrimm   Website: www.wordybroad.com

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We Are MoJoe

We are Morgan and Joe, aka MoJoe! Our sidekick is our 6lb, 14 year old Maltese Yankee! Together, we spend our days with sand between our toes, mostly venturing along the coast of our hometown, Milford.  There’s no place we would rather be than Coastal Connecticut with our friends and family. Our active lifestyles and desire to explore keeps us chasing down the best activities and sights our state has to offer. Our YouTube channel and blog promote happy healthy living! 

Instagram: @wearemojoe  Website: www.youtube.com/wearemojoe



I live in Southport, Connecticut with my two children and husband. I started Pleasurefuel on Instagram as a place for me to gather and share images of inspiring places, fashionable goods and top notch services that make my heart skip a beat.  Combining my natural eye for what’s hot and trending and my crush on photography, I founded Pleasurefuel.  Follow me to see what fuels my tank full of inspiration, excitement and vibration.

Instagram @pleasurefuel

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Dive For Dreams

My name is Erin Mannion, and I am from New Fairfield, Connecticut. I am currently a graduate student at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania, and I am studying to be an occupational therapist! Although occupational therapy is the passion that I have chosen to study and pursue as a career, my other main passion is photography. I have been doing photography since I was student at New Fairfield High School and a member of the school’s yearbook committee, and since then my love for the art has only grown. I have continued my photography throughout my education at the University of Scranton, from becoming a student photographer for the University to taking graduation portraits for fellow students. Photography is not only a favorite pastime of mine, but it is how I connect with the world and the ones around me. I find purpose and self-expression through capturing people, whether it be loved ones or new friends that I have made through photography. I am graduating this coming May, and I cannot wait to be back home in Connecticut to continue my occupational therapy and photography journeys.

Instagram: @dive.for.dreams  Website: http://enm1995.wixsite.com/em-photography 


Silent Brewtographer

Tim Eager is a Connecticut native with a love for all things beer. He studied photography and film at The New School in NYC and returned back to Milford, Connecticut to see how he could utilize those skills in his home state. A long standing love for beer and photography manifested itself into a beer oriented instagram featuring breweries from CT and neighboring New England states. Followers can learn about new beer releases from local innovators like Two Roads and Armada and hear firsthand how the beer tastes. Tim has even dipped his own toes into the brewing side of things creating home brew concoctions with a good friend of his. With no shortage of quality breweries in Connecticut there is plenty more for him to explore in the 203. Tag along with Tim on his beer adventures!

Instagram: @silent_brewtographer


Elaine Ingraham

Elaine Ingraham is a recent newcomer to the world of blogging.

A Mayflower descendant, born and raised in Connecticut and based out of East Hampton, Elaine has a deep love of our beautiful state.  She is a lifestyle photographer who enjoys capturing photos of people and local places of interest.  Elaine then researches and shares her photos online along with interesting facts and history of the location. 

Upcoming blog posts will focus on topics relative to photography and a category called Connecticut, What You Didn’t Know.

A mother to three grown sons and newly engaged to Anthony, her partner in adventure, Elaine is always outdoors, wears her camera at her hip and usually has a dog beside her.

Instagram: @elaineingraham.photography  Website: www.elaineingraham.com