Wise Guys Sauces

We caught up with Edward Mailhot from Wise Guys Sauces based out of Norwalk, CT to talk not only about their sauces, but also the importance of using fresh ingredients in sauce making.

Local Connecticut: What is the inspiration behind Wise Guys Sauces?

Edward Mailhot: We saw a huge opportunity in the market as most sauces have sugar, and tomato paste etc.  we wanted everyone to be able to enjoy the best marinara sauce in the world with no work except heating it up.  this is a family recipe past down from generations.

LC: What ingredients do you use?

EM: We use fresh vine ripened tomatoes, fresh basil, fresh garlic that is carefully shaved by hand, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.

LC: What's the importance of using fresh ingredients?

EM: Purely taste, our sauce is more expensive than most sauces because of our expensive fresh ingredients that we will never change.

wise guys.jpg

LC: Where can people find Wise Guys?

EM: You can go to our website and click the Market tab and it will provide you with a map to see where the closest Deli/Market is to you.  We are located in stores across the tristate and growing daily.

You can also buy our sauces on our website, Amazon, as well as 135 local Stop & Shops, 11 Shop Rites, and various delis.

LC: Describe your sauce in three words.

EM: “Unbelievable good stuff” – Kathie Lee Gifford from The Today Show

Wise Guys Sauces: www.wiseguyssauces.com

We want to thank Ed and the whole team at Wise Guys Sauces for letting us talk with them. We highly recommend picking up their sauce from one of the options listed above.