The Kindness Rocks Project

   Within the last few years a movement has started, both locally as well as nationally focusing on placing painted rocks with positive messages or pictures for others to find within the community. Connecticut is no exception to this, with groups popping up within the state on facebook, one of which is 860 Rocks!

kindness rocks 4.jpg

   Their purpose states: 860 Rocks! is a community initiative for adults and children created to spread joy and encourage creativity. You paint on rocks and hide them throughout the community for others to find.

kindness rocks.jpg

   When you find a rock you are supposed to take a picture of it, upload it to the local kindness rocks Facebook group and then you either have the choice to keep it or hide it for someone else to find and enjoy.

kindness rocks 5.jpg

   We asked local 860 Rocks! member Lorel Shea why she joined the group and started painting rocks: "Rock painting is an inexpensive creative outlet. It can be therapeutic. I enjoy the creative process of designing and painting, then the fun of hiding them, and finally the satisfaction of having provided amusement, support, or inspiration to the finder."

   With 17,000+ members in local Connecticut Kindness Rock Facebook groups there are more rocks popping up everywhere. If you have the time go out to your local park, stores, or anywhere else someone may hide a rock, who knows, you may get lucky and find one.