Homegrown - WESU 88.1 FM

   We were recently able to stop in the WESU 88.1 FM studio in Middletown and sit in on a live broadcast of Homegrown - The Connecticut Connected Music Show hosted by Robbie DeRosa.  Homegrown features local musicians from across Connecticut on WESU 88.1 FM on Thursdays from 5:05-6:30pm. There is no age restriction or limits for the bands featured besides the fact that they have to call Connecticut home.


   Robbie has a passion for local music that is not easily hidden.  Each time the show is on air bands that are playing concerts that upcoming weekend are played, with Robbie giving listeners info of where the bands upcoming concerts will take place.

   Already into it's 14th year on air Homegrown regularly features local guests on the air and occasionally will have a live on air performance take place. Of all the bands that have been featured on it's show Homegrown can state that it was the very first radio show to ever play the then local Wesleyan band MGMT.

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   WESU is one of the oldest college operated radio stations in the country, with many students hosting live shows on air throughout the week. We highly suggestion you check out and follow Homegrown on their Facebook page to see lists of all the songs they play and stay up to date with their latest news!  We want to thank Robbie and the rest of the WESU staff for letting us stop by and take a look at what happens behind the mic.