Rosa's Deli

    Rosa's Deli in Wallingford has been a staple in the local community since 1980. With training in Italy, Rosa's brings great Italian food to the Wallingford area and beyond. With customers coming back for the last thirty plus years it's hard to say that Rosa's is not a family centered business.

   Rosa's Deli has something for everyone. Their menu consists of some favorites such as subs, wraps, and paninis. They don't stop there though, they also offer many hot dishes such as chicken parm, raviolis, and lasagna.

   A must try when visiting Rosa's is "The American", one of the founding three sandwhiches at the deli. You can not find a better deal when it comes to price and quality around compared to "The American".

   Rosa's also offers catering for your special event or party no matter how big or small it is. You can find out more about their catering services on their website listed below. Want to know more about Rosa's? You'll just have to go in and try something for yourself!    203-265-1487   57 North Colony St, Wallingford, CT