Cowork New Britain

We were able to speak with Jonathan Johnson, owner and founder of Cowork New Britain to talk about the business and what it offers to business owners in the community. Stay tuned for their grand opening on June 20th, at 2pm at 117 West Main Street, New Britain.

Local Connecticut: What is Cowork New Britain?

Jonathan Johnson: Cowork New Britain is a productive shared office space for small business owners, entrepreneurs, telecommuters and sales professionals, offering memberships that features dedicated desks, shared office space, conference space & meeting rooms, networking events, and educational seminars.  

Our goal is building a community of entrepreneurs, startups, founders, and business owners to connect & support each other in New Britain.  Our mission is to strengthen the business community in New Britain and throughout central Connecticut by providing a creative, professional environment to advance small businesses.

With New Britain possessing so much talent in our community, the widespread available public resources downtown, and the ease of commute to New Britain from surrounding communities, the Downtown District of New Britain is an idea place to offer this coworking concept.  Being a long-time New Britain resident, I wanted to contribute to helping more small businesses and entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses in my city, with the belief that as Cowork New Britain fosters more entrepreneurial success, these businesses will create more job opportunities and be a catalyst for economic growth in our city.

LC: Why New Britain? What are the benefits?

JJ: The hypothesis for a coworking space in New Britain is that there is a need and a number of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and telecommuters in the central Connecticut area that need office and meeting spaces and will be inclined to use a space closer to home. 

There are a lot of advantages to being in New Britain – affordable, available commercial space, central location south of Hartford, access to CT FastTrak and major highways, robust infrastructure and parks, the Central Connecticut State University campus, and a great team in City Hall leading the transformation of New Britain.

I live in New Britain and our family has made a commitment to be part of the revitalization in this city.  We want Cowork New Britain to be a resource center for small business, offering services that help entrepreneurs thrive. With their success in New Britain, we hope more local talent will be hired, more New Britain commercial space will be rented, then more visitors will come to the city of New Britain to frequent their businesses.   

LC: What are the benefits of working with local entrepreneurs?

JJ: I am someone who believes that we can accomplish our dreams and our vision of our businesses.  It is inspiring to work with anyone who is willing to take an idea and risk time, talent, and treasure to make that vision happen.  I enjoy working with people who believe in their calling, believe in themselves, and get up and make it happen every day. It also takes mentors, mentees, coaches, advisors, experts and supporters to help. And as a business our goal is to create that type of community -  Cowork New Britain’s mission is to help small businesses succeed.

You can find out more info about Cowork New Britain at their website below: