Milkcraft is a small batch creamery that began from the inspiration of a stroll down a via in Capri, Italy. Their goal since then has been to create ice cream from scratch and express their passion for artisanal ice cream flavors. They freeze every ice cream scoop to order with food grade Liquid Nitrogen, which creates smaller ice crystals when freezing, and results in the smoothest possible ice cream. The caramelized Hong Kong style waffles Milkcraft serves are made from scratch to order. Their hot buns are made fresh daily, along with all the artisan toppings.


Some of their more popular flavors include the Smores Campfire(Deep Cocoa Chocolate, Fire Roasted Marshmallow, Graham Cracker Crumbs), the Cookie Butter Blue, the Milk and Cereal(all natural vanilla served with Fruitee o’s, choco puffs, or frosted flakes), PB&J Roasted Banana(All Natural PB, pure jam, caramelized banana), Choco Du Leche(Dark Chocolate, Dulce du Leche, Smoked Black Sea Salt Flakes), and Sea Salted Caramel(Fresh Caramel Sauce, Sea Salt Flakes, Maple Kettle Corn)

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Milkcraft has two different locations, one on Post Rd in Fairfield with the other being on Farmington Ave in West Hartford(location shown in pictures). On top of their two permanent locations Milkcraft also has The Milkcraft Truck which can be booked for your private event or party.

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For more information please visit the Milkcraft website listed below or visit them on social media.