10 Things You Might Not Know About Connecticut

With a state as old as Connecticut there is bound to be a lot of history, which can sometimes fall through the cracks. Below we’ll list 10 random facts you may not know about Connecticut.

Connecticut is home to the nation’s oldest publicly founded library.

While it’s not the nation’s oldest library, The Scoville Memorial Library is the oldest library in America founded with funds collected from the public.

Connecticut created the first speed limit.

Drivers were not allowed to go over 12 miles per hr in specific areas.

Connecticut’s state song is Yankee Doodle.

The song was written in 1755 and is still going strong.

The first telephone book originated in New Haven.

1878 was a long time ago, won’t see too many phone books these days.

Connecticut voted against prohibition.

Connecticut was one of only two states, the other being Rhode Island, that failed to ratify the 18th Amendment.

The lollipop was invented in New Haven in 1908.

That’s pretty sweet…

Connecticut has no county governments.

It’s all bout the towns here..counties are basically lines on a map.

The Hartford Courant is the Nation’s oldest continuously running newspaper.

That’s pretty newsworthy..

Essex was attacked by the British in the War of 1812.

It turned out to be one of the costliest battles of the war

Brooklyn, CT is home to the nation’s oldest continuously running agricultural fair.

The fair started in 1809.