Connecticut Salary Negotiation

With 2019 college graduation season officially over, a whole new group is setting out to enter the workforce. Their glasses are still rosey with memories of university years as fresh as the flowers and fresh foliage that now blanket Connecticut. 

The summer months are some of the slowest during the year for job hunting. And, while many graduates set out to enjoy the many incredible activities taking place throughout the Nutmeg State, the job hunt journey lays just over the horizon. 

Armed with degrees, they will face one of the most competitive job markets. So, it is extremely important that they be equipped to tackle their job searches with equal zest to that of their college education. 


This year’s graduating class will be the first to enter the Connecticut job market with the “Act Concerning Pay Equity” in effect. Beginning January 1, 2019, Connecticut became the 6th state to ban employers from asking a prospective employee’s wage and salary history. 

The spirit of the law is an effort to remedy pay inequity for women and people of color. However, there are benefits for recent college graduates.

While fresh graduates may not have long salary histories, the new law will likely ease some stress candidates often encounter during the “salary question” phase of interviews. Instead of recounting internship wages to justify future compensation, new graduates can focus on salary negotiation based on the responsibilities of the job for which they are interviewing. 

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