Cromwell Pizza and Pasta

  Sometimes you just crave Italian food. With that being said the other day we stopped by Cromwell Pizza and Pasta located in Cromwell, CT to help satisfy that craving. Overall at first appearance it's your classic small Connecticut pizza and Italian food restaurant with a brick exterior and a small patio out front. Below we'll break down our thoughts on the food, staff, atmosphere, and overall experience.

Food:  Overall we ordered a few items from the menu. Penne Vodka, a side of meatballs, steak grinder, and a side salad. The Penne Vodka(pictured below) was cooked perfectly with the vodka sauce bursting with flavor leaving a light aftertaste of tomato which was a pleasant surprise. The meatballs were slightly overcooked on the outside and were very dense on the inside, but still had a good flavor to them and were not dry. The steak grinder was exactly what you'd hope to expect from a restaurant like Cromwell Pizza and Pasta. While there was nothing to write home about when it came to the appearance and presentation the meat was not overcooked and the vegetables on it were fresh. Rounding out the meal was a side salad that came fresh with multiple vegetables mixed in with the lettuce.

Food rating: 8.9/10 Stars


Staff: From the very beginning the staff were very friendly and accommodating to us, they quickly sat us and made sure we were happy throughout the meal without being constantly at the table. Their overall happiness and willingness to serve made a positive impact on our visit.

Staff rating: 10/10 Stars

Atmosphere: The decor of the restaurant leaned more towards a take out pizza restaurant. There were no booths, just tables and chairs in the dining room. The walls were painted a maroon/red color with black and white tiles on the floor. Lining the walls were black and white photos that helped give it a personal family run feel. They had a counter when you walked in where you could pick up pizza and to go orders where they also had some desserts displayed. They advertise that they have live music on Friday nights which would definitely increase the atmosphere. Personally, I think it would be a better dine-in experience for lunch compared to dinner and that is why it's receiving the rating below, dining in at lunch would bring a higher rating. 

Atmosphere rating: 7.7/10 

Overall Experience: Overall we had a pleasant visit and meal, while the food did not blow us away we left very satisfied with our meal and decision to go. The staff were excellent, exactly what you'd ask for when visiting a restaurant. The atmosphere again did not blow us away, but it was very fitting for the style of restaurant. Would we go back again? Absolutely, they have lunch specials on the menu which are definitely worth the visit. 

Overall experience rating: 8.8/10 


Cromwell Pizza and Pasta contact info:  860-635-4655