Thai Gardens

  This weekend we were able to stop by Thai Gardens located on Main Street in Middletown for lunch.  Besides convenience to other local businesses due to the fact of being on Main Street Thai Gardens has on street parking as well as a parking lot located behind the building to help assure you will find a close parking space.  Below we'll break down our experience on three categories: food, staff, and atmosphere, combining all these scores together for our overall experience. 

Food:   Thai Gardens offers a fairly extensive menu which helps to insure that if you're a fan of Thai food you'll find something you're in the mood for.  After narrowing it down to a few choices we decided to get the chicken pad thai (pictured below).  Presentation of the dish was good, highlighting all the ingredients used.  The dish was very sweet, but the crushed peanuts brought a saltiness to the dish which made a perfect balance of the two.  While there was not an extremely large portion on the plate the food was plated very densely so there was more food than at first glance.  

Food Rating:  9.1/10     


Staff:   The staff was very friendly from the minute we stepped in the door and accommodated any need we may have had.  They made sure we were happy with our food and made sure that we never ran out of our respected drinks.  The one confusing aspect was that we had two waitresses who did not communicate with each other so we would have both constantly checking on us, because of this it was a little overwhelming, even though they were very nice.

Staff Rating: 9.5/10    

Atmosphere: The atmosphere and decor was very nice in the restaurant, while some of it may have been a little dated everything was clean and organized.  They had a large selection of booth seating as well as regular tables to give seating options.  Window seating was available if desired.  The entire restaurant was bright and inviting, the perfect atmosphere for a Sunday afternoon lunch.

Atmosphere Rating: 9.5/10

Overall Experience: Overall Thai Gardens was the perfect choice for a weekend afternoon lunch. The large menu, friendly staff, and convenience to other shops and stores makes it a must visit in Middletown.  We will definitely return in the future.

Overall Experience Rating: 9.3/10   

Thai Gardens contact info:    (860) 346-3322