Cromwell Pizza and Pasta (revisited)

Last November we visited Cromwell Pizza and Pasta giving our opinions on our overall experience there. Since then we have had multiple people come to us telling us to revisit on a weekend night. We recently did just that, below we'll share our opinions on our second visit with the same categories as we did back in 2017.

Food: This time we ordered three items from the menu. Two Pizzas(Basic Cheese and "The Cromwell"), as well as garlic bread. The garlic bread was toasted just enough, it was lightly burnt along the edges but was not turned into charcoal. The basic cheese was exactly what you'd expect when ordering it. There was a decent amount of cheese evenly spread across the pizza and no large clumps of sauce. Overall it was what we were looking for. The "Cromwell" was a pizza with Italian sausage, meatball, pepperoni, peppers, onions, and mushrooms. The toppings went well with the pizza because while the vegetables were cooked the peppers specifically still had a fresh crunch to them.

Food Rating: 9.3/10


Staff: The staff were very friendly again as they were the first time we visited. We were hoping for the same great customer service we experienced the first time and that in fact did happen.

Staff Rating: 10/10

Atmosphere: This was the biggest change from our last visit. While the decor was still the same we visited on a Saturday night, a night where they have live jazz music in the restaurant played by a few local musicians. This added a level of experience to our dinning that not many other restaurants could match that given night in the area. The musicians were very good and everyone in the restaurant was having a great time, there was not an empty seat in the house, this made it a little tight with so many people in a small restaurant but that was only a small sacrifice in return for everything else happening.

Atmosphere Rating: 9.7/10

Overall Experience: 9.7/10

Overall we enjoyed our second visit to Cromwell Pizza and Pasta. Taking the suggest of our readers and going on a Saturday night was definitely worth it.